Handling & Storage :

All JustStone products must be handled carefully to avoid damage of the product. Special care should be taken with the paving stones and tiles. Cast cement stone products appear to be tough but they can chip easily and break if handled roughly, so please, handle with care!

Stacking Prior to Laying
Pavers and tiles should always be stored on edge and should not be stacked one on top of the other. All JustStone products are manufactured and cured under cover prior to delivery. The natural curing process of a quality concrete product generates its own heat that allows the product to sweat for a while. This leads to the temporary appearance of a darker colour on the surface that lasts until the curing process is complete and the product has dried out properly.

It is important to observe and adhere to all safety regulations pertaining to the building site. The correct use and application of relevant safety gear and protective clothing is essential.

Planning & Preparation.
This is the most important part of any project.
  - Choose the correct contractor.
  - Decide on the JustStone product that best suits your needs.
  - Place your order well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  - Prepare the sub-base accurately and according to the specific requirements of the site
    conditions (Your appointed contractor will know this.).

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