paving cleaning


Keep the product clean by using a sponge and clean water when laying and especially when grouting. Use clean water as often as possible when rinsing the sponge.

Acidic cleaners should be used sparingly to remove grout and cement stains. This is however, done at your own risk and must be supervised by your appointed contractor.

• Excessive and incorrect use of acidic products will permanently damage the product.

Pool acid should be mixed in a ratio of 1:10. (One part acid to 10 parts water). Clean small areas, not more than 1 square meter, at a time. Scrub with a soft bristle brush and then rinse well with lots of water to further dilute the acid. Make sure that this water is swept off the paving and not left to pool on the product as evaporation will concentrate the residual acid and cause damage to the product.

Concrete products require time to dry out once the laying of the product has been completed. The time taken depends on the weather conditions as well as the quantity of water used in preparation of the laying surface and cleaning of the grouted area. Remember that concrete products dry from the

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