FAQ Paving Manufacture

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are JustStone products real stone ?
No, they are UNREAL! All JustStone products are made from high quality concrete and are coloured using the best quality natural pigments available.

Will the colour fade?
Because we use only the best natural pigments obtainable, the colour will improve with wear and age.

What is efflorescence?
Efflorescence is common to all high quality concrete products that results in an apparent loss of colour or the appearance of a white powder on the surface. This is in no way detrimental to the durability of the product. Concrete has micro capillaries which brings water to the surface of the product through the process of osmosis. As the water flows through these capillaries it pushes the free radicals that do not bond with the concrete to the surface and over time these capillaries become blocked and the efflorescence disappears. The time taken for this to happen varies depending on natural weathering, location and traffic.

What effect does a salt chlorinated pool have on the paving and coping?
All products are suitable for pool surrounds and paved areas, and will not be affected by the water. Concentrated acid and pool chemicals will damage the product when applied directly to the product surfaces. It is also important to maintain the correct ph of your pool water.

Is the colour just a surface colour?
All JustStone products have the colour blended throughout the mix.

Why do the paving stones have colour variations?
This is intentional. During the manufacturing process several colours are randomly blended to create the subtle shade variations and contrasts found in natural stone. While the product is curing differences in weather conditions, contribute to different rates of curing and thus the colour varies even within the same stone. The colour variations are more noticeable in the larger paving stones and tiles with a coarser surface texture.

What colours do you have?
We have a wide range of popular colours as can be seen in the Colour Swatch section. Please remember that the colours you see on your computer screen can vary considerably from that of the actual product. We strongly recommend that before making your final choice you have a look at samples, and preferably examples of the finished product in situ. We can custom design any colour to meet your requirements but there will be an extra fee for this.

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